Here is some information, per your request, in regards to the shirts, polos and caps your company and varying departments have ordered.  Please let everyone know that we have you in our system as National Park Service.  We received a call several weeks ago for someone wanting to order some polos on file but we were told Area Command and were unable to find that contact but happily we all worked together and discovered the request was for National Park Service. J

There are a few polos on file that your company has used.  The most common being item #S508.  The ladies version of that shirt is L508.  Also, cap item #CP80 has been ordered the most.  The shirts mentioned above are short sleeve but that also comes in a long sleeve version.  Keep in mind that if a department needs a different style, etc. we have an enormous amount of choices, varieties and colors to choose from.  If anyone ever needs something particular, we would be more than happy to help.

We GREATLY appreciate your business!  You all have been extremely wonderful to us and we look forward to doing anything we can for you in the future. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, special requests or orders.

Peggy Dickover, EmbroidMe, 1645 E Camelback Road,Suite #103, Phoenix, AZ85016, (602)277-9242,

  • select "categories"
  • select "apparel-active wear"
  • select "sanmar"
  • select "sanmar catalog"
  • select "woven shirts"
  • select either "L508" for ladies or "S508" for mens
  • chosen color is the dark green/navy

for sizing:

  • select "categories"
  • select "apparel-active wear"
  • select "sanmar"
  • select "Marketing Tools"
  • select "Reference Tools"
  • select "size and fit"