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For agencies interested in potentially ordering an Area Command Team, please click our Agency Adminstrator/IMT link above to learn about our team organization, Complexity Indicators for Ordering, Team SOP, etc.

National ACT Rotation

  • ACT 1 - Joe Stutler, Area Commander

  • ACT 2 - Tim Sexton, Area Commander

  • ACT 3 - Paul Summerfelt, Area Commander

Area Command Teams (ACT) are professional senior-level Management Teams available to assist local agencies when the complexity or magnitude of an emergency situation, hazardous incident, or wildland fire exceeds the capacity and span of control for the local unit.

When a wildland fire starts, initial resources are dispatched from the local, State, and/or Federal agency.  As the incident grows in size and complexity, an Incident Management Team (IMT) (i.e. Type 1 or 2 or other) may be ordered to oversee management of the incident.  At anytime, there could be a lightning episode starting additional fires in the same general area requiring assignment of additional IMT's.  Before you know it, the local unit is overseeing several large incidents, each with their own IMT.  It may be time to order an Area Command Team.

In the case of a hurricane or other hazardous incident, the sheer size of the area involved may require the covered area to be divided and subsequently managed by multiple IMT's.  It may be time to order an Area Command Team.

In general, when an Agency Administrator (AA) (i.e. Forest Supervisor, Park Superintendent, State Forester, Area Manager, etc) is overseeing multiple incidents with IMT's assigned, an Area Command Team can provide the leadership needed to get through the life of the incident(s).  ACT's will assist the AA in setting overall strategy and priorities, allocating critical resources, ensuring incidents are properly managed, and ensuring objectives are met and strategies followed.

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Thanks so much to Jim Loach (Area Commander for 9-years, 2006 - 2014) for establishing this site for use by the current Area Command teams.

"... The soil of thes prairies appears rich but much parched with the frequent fires...

- Lewis & Clark Journal Entry